How to Take Care of Carpets in Commercial Premises

Taking care of a carpet in commercial premises is more important than one usually thinks it is. A wall to wall carpet flooring helps in keeping down the noise in office blocks. Moreover, a striking quality carpet goes a long way in making a first impression on potential customers and visitors. It also improves the overall work environment for employees and shows how much the firm values them.

Carpet flooring is a pretty big investment, hence, like any other investment, you should know how to take care of it. In our today’s article we have put together the top three tips on how to take care of carpets in commercial premises.

Carpet Dirt Removal

The Main Problem

It doesn’t matter how careful you are, if your business premises has carpets, they are bound to accumulate dirt and grit which is carried in within the soles of your shoes. These tiny particles of dirt and dust get trodden in the fibres of the carpet floor and give the effect of flattened fabric piles; making the floor appear grimy and dirty. In addition to that, these grit particles aggravate wear and tear to the carpet fibres as time passes by, leaving you no other choice but to replace the entire carpet.

Area Rugs

Area rug is the best way to protect your flooring investment from the wear and tear of heavy foot traffic in commercial premises. Placing them at busy entryways is an easy and simple solution. Area rugs collect all dirt and contaminants brought in with the shoes of your employees and customers, thereby preserving the appearance and value of your carpets. Besides, cleaning and maintenance of an area rug on regular basis is much less costly and time consuming than replacing and installing entire carpeting.

Protection from Furniture

The pressure from heavy furniture in commercial premises can leave permanent indentations in your carpet. The cheapest and easiest way to avoid this damage is to place plastic or rubber mats beneath office furniture which are placed on carpeting. This prevents forming of grooves on the carpet floor.

Regular Cleaning and Vacuuming

We know your office is vacuumed on a regular basis and that’s a good thing. However, many people make the mistake of avoiding detailed cleaning of carpets until they start looking dirty. But by that time, most of the damage is already done. Make a note to yourself to hire professional Carpet Cleaning Bardia services for your commercial premises every 4 to 6 months. This period can increase or decrease depending on daily foot traffic and your maintenance schedule. Professional carpet technicians not only extend the life of your carpets but they also get rid of germs and bacteria, making them look fresh. Moreover, avoiding professional cleaning can lead to accumulation of pollen, allergens, dust mites, and several pests on the padding of your carpets. This can trigger severe allergies in your employees which can further lead to lawsuits for unhealthy work environment.

Expert Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Best Commercial Cleaning Services in Sydney

Kangaroo Cleaning Services has more than 20 years of experience in catering for both residential and commercial premises. With state of the art equipment, non-toxic cleaning solutions, and trained technicians, we can guarantee to remove any stains and freshen up commercial carpet flooring.

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