How Do You Get The Wet Dirt Out Of Carpet?

Your carpets are highly prone to the wet dirt when you have kids and pets at your home. Muddy footprints are the results of your kid’s adventures during the autumn or rainy season. Muddy footprints are very common when you have kids but sometimes this mistake happens from the adult’s side too. If any of your family members or guests fail to wipe their shoes on the doormat, you’ll notice the irritating muddy footprints all around your house. If your curious cat comes home from outside walk definitely it will bring muddy footprints inside your house. However, it is very difficult to spend money on the Carpet Cleaning Service for minor issues. You can easily deal the mud stains on your own by following the right procedure. Only thing is, you must know how to deal the muddy footprints over the carpet. Here are the tips to deal with the wet stains on the mattress.


How to Get the Muddy Paw Prints or Footprints from The Carpet?

When you notice the muddy footprints on the carpet, the next immediate step you take is, rubbing the stain with the wet cloth. We all have good knowledge of Carpet Cleaning both in the right way and the wrong way. You know very well, what will happen if you scrub the wet muddy prints with the wet cloth. The results are so nasty and the mess will spread deeper into the carpet. Don’t allow your carpet to experience this. So what you are going to do if you notice wet muddy prints on your carpet?

There are two secret weapons to get the muddy prints out of your carpet. The first one is the secret weapon- the laundry detergent and the second most important thing is your patience. Now just relax and give little time for the mud to dry well because it is very easy to remove the dry mud from the carpet and it also reduces the risk of spreading deeper into the carpet. The laundry detergent can help to remove the discoloration from the carpet and gives them a clean and fresh look.

Step by Step process to Get The Mud Out of your Carpet

  • When muddy stains happen on your carpet do not panic, it is very easy to deal with the muddy stains if you follow the instructions properly. Just sit relaxed and allow the mud to dry. As discussed above the dried mud stains are easier to remove. Once the mud is dry just pick up the large piece of mud with your finger and small pieces with the help of vacuum cleaner.
  • Add little amount of laundry detergent over the stain and allow the detergent to sit on the stain for 5 to 10 minutes. This will soften the stain which will become easier to remove.
  • Take the stain eraser ball and gently scrub over the detergent, which will lead the detergent to move deeper into the fibers of the carpet. if the stain eraser ball is not available use a clean white cloth to scrub the detergent.

  • Once the spot is clear, use fresh water to rinse the particular area. Rinsing will loosen the leftover mud from the carpet and it will also remove the soap suds that occurred due to the detergent.
  • Now allow the carpet to dry well under good ventilation. Finally, vacuum the carpet to fluff the carpet fibers. In case if you find mud smell over the carpet sprinkle some baking soda over the carpet and vacuum once again.

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